Polyga H3 3D Scanner

Finally, a handheld 3D scanner that delivers high-quality scans comparable to what you can get from stationary 3D scanners.

Now it’s even easier to digitize objects or parts with Polyga’s H3 professional handheld 3D scanner. Leveraging the technology and experience in developing our stationary 3D scanning systems that’s more than 10 years in the making, the H3 produces one of the highest accuracy in a single-shot scan for a handheld system in its class.

Stationary 3D Scanners

Polyga H3

he Polyga H3 is simply an all-round professional handheld 3D scanner that’s easy to use, portable, and high-accuracy—all at an affordable price.

Polyga Compact

Polyga Compact desktop 3D scanners are great for any companies, manufacturers, academic institutions, visual effect studios, and research labs that need accurate and reliable 3D scan data for visualization and measurement applications.

Polyga Compact S5 Macro

The Compact S5 Macro is a robust 3D scanner designed for industrial use, capable of digitizing small parts (1 to 5 centimeters) with high precision (5 micron accuracy). It rapidly produces detailed 3D scans in less than a second, housed in a durable enclosure. Its advanced features are accessible via the software SDK (SBSDK), facilitating seamless integration into industrial automation and robotics systems.

Polyga Vision V1

Polyga’s Vision V1 is a high resolution, ultra accurate, high-speed 3D camera for industrial computer vision applications. The V1 is packaged in a rugged enclosure that is ready for integration into your 3D vision application.



Software greatly contributes to the overall user experience. The H3 is powered by FlexScan3D 3D scanning engine that powers all Polyga stationary 3D scanners. The software also works seamlessly with the H3. FlexScan3D’s high-processing speed from capture to post-processing delivers a truly responsive, seamless 3D scanning experience.


XTract3D is a toolbar that works natively inside SOLIDWORKS. Import your 3D mesh data output from a 3D scanner and get straight to work with little or no training. XTract3D works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS to enhance its sketching tools.

PointKit Scan

PointKit Scan is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows application to capture and transform 3D scan data from 3D scanners. Point cloud processing and 3D mesh alignment for any 3D capture device.

3D Scan Samples